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secret blue purple pink and green right over it

hold on 'cause the coldest hasn't thawed yet

(oo-TRAY) adjective
1. unconventional; eccentric; bizarre.
(gēt-AHN-juh-lee) noun
an unconventional, eccentric, bizarre, opinionated, strong, stubborn, cynical, pessimistic girl with the potentional to fuck your mind like a New York hooker, yet is nonetheless quite eloquent .1

i am imagination. i am plastic. i am cold-blooded. i am political. i am realism. i am a good song, a good book, a good movie. i am gauche. i am the media that society thrusts upon me. i am the inverse of the image that chokes self esteem. i am apathy. i am compassion. i am Jack's smirking revenge.
i am a fatalist. an emo. a punkass. a sesquipidelian. an oddball. an artist. a wannabe. a play on words. a cynic. a planner. a schemer. a deceiver. a middle-class brown-noser. an outcast in some circles. a raw, cold, unnecessary piece of baggage in your life. a fake shiny piece of plastic. a politician. an aimless wanderer. an advocate. a free thought/free writer. a city girl. a sucker for European revolutions and the Cold War. an original. an oxymoron, or maybe just a moron. a loud-mouth. a quiet thinker. a lifestyle. a replaceable, disposable human being. a liberal, if you want to get political. an atheist, if you want to get religious. an Indian, if you want to get ethnic. a hot piece of jailbait after five heavy Jello shots. a terrible singer. a packrat. a computer geek. a word appreciator. an addict. a extension of a manual camera. a colorful black and white connect-the-dots kind of person.